Visitation and Outings Policy Effective 3/26/21

Elm Crest Manor is pleased to share the following changes to visitation and outings.

Visits need to be scheduled in advance.  Residents in private rooms are able to have 1-2 visitors in their room.  Residents in semi-private rooms area able to have 1-2 visitors in the chapel.   Tenants are able to have 1-2 visitors in their apartment. Outdoor visits may have up to 8 visitors per resident or tenant. Children over the age of 2 are allowed to visit as long as they are able to maintain wearing a mask.  Options for those not able to wear a mask is to do a virtual chat or window visit.  Per CMS guidelines ECM is not allowed to have visitors who will not adhere to universal source control guidelines.  Anyone not following these guidelines will be asked to leave or denied entry.

During your visit, universal source control must remain in place.  All visitors will continue to be screened for any signs or symptoms or potential COVID-19 exposure.  Surgical face masks must be worn, good hand hygiene practiced and a 6-foot distance maintained.  Visitors who are seeing a resident or tenant that has been fully vaccinated (>14 days since final vaccine dose) are no longer required to wear eye protection.  Fully vaccinated residents can choose to have close contact with their visitor while wearing a well-fitting face mask and performing hand hygiene before and after.  At this time residents and tenants who are not fully vaccinated are still considered too high of a risk, therefore; 6-foot distance must remain at all times and eye protection worn by visitors.

Depending on case-by-case review, residents/tenants who are fully vaccinated (>14 days since final vaccine dose) may be able to leave the facility with family and not have to quarantine upon return.  When reviewing good source control for an outing we will take into consideration the timeframe the resident/tenant is out of the facility, how many people they will be exposed to, the county positivity rate in the area the resident/tenant will be traveling to, the vaccination status of those the resident/tenant will be exposed to, etc.

Residents/tenants who are not fully vaccinated will need to quarantine 14 days upon return to the facility.

ECM is so excited for the movement forward in visitation and outings but please be aware that indoor visits will need to be put on hold in the case of an outbreak.