Visitation and Outings Policy Effective May 13, 2021

Elm Crest Manor Family and Friends:

On 4/27/21 Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated guidance for long term care facilities in response to COVID-19 vaccination. As of this date Elm Crest Manor is no longer in outbreak status and we are able to move forward with the following key changes regarding visitation:

  • Residents in a private room and couples living together in a semi-private room can have their visits in their room. Residents living in a semi-private room will have their visits in the chapel. 2 visitors are allowed per indoor visit.
  • Outdoor visits are still an option as weather permits with up to 8 visitors per resident. Precautions are the same for outdoor visits as they are for indoor visits and stated above.
  • Physical Distancing and source control during visitation:
    • When both residents and their visitors are fully vaccinated, they can choose to have close contact (including touch) with good hand hygiene performed before and after and not wear surgical masks. However, the visitor should continue to wear surgical masks and physically distance from other Healthcare Personnel and other residents/visitors that are not part of their group at all other times while in the facility.
    • If the resident is fully vaccinated, they can choose to have close contact (including touch) with good hand hygiene performed before and after with their unvaccinated visitors while both continue to wear surgical masks.
    • If the resident is not vaccinated, both resident and visitors must wear surgical masks and maintain social distancing during the visit.

Due to the need to limit the amount of visitors in the building at a given time Elm Crest Manor will continue to require that all visits be scheduled in advance. Screening will still be utilized for all visitors.

Changes in communal activities and dining are as follows:

  • Group Activities:
    • If all residents participating in the activity are fully vaccinated, then they may choose to have close contact and to not wear masks during the activity.
    • If unvaccinated residents are present then all participants in the group activity should wear masks and unvaccinated residents should physically distance from others.
    • All group activities will be offered to both vaccinated and unvaccinated residents however they will be done in separate areas.
  • Communal Dining:
    • Fully vaccinated residents can participate in communal dining without the use of masks or physical distancing.
    • If unvaccinated residents are dining in a communal area all residents should wear masks when not eating and unvaccinated residents should continue to remain at least six feet from others.
    • Fully vaccinated residents will be eating all meals in the dining room. Unvaccinated residents will be eating all meals together in the Cozy Cow Diner.

These changes go into effect immediately. If there are any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to us at 701-843-7526. Thank you everyone for your patience during this difficult time. We are very excited to see familiar faces in our hallways again!


Janessa Vogel, Administrator